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Metal Twitch was created specifically for anglers who prefer twitching to any other kind of lure animation. It’s incredibly responsive and easy to manipulate, this makes it suitable for any animation technique, not just twitching. It’s geometry and shifted centre of gravity allows the angler to cast further and more accurately. Metal Twitch works at almost any speed or current which makes it an incredibly potent tool for you to use.

Don't let the name fool you, this lure has been shown to be effective even without the use of any twitching or twitching-like techniques. It has been used most successfully when fishing for asp, chub, pikeperch, pike, perch and trout.

SV Lures Metal Twitch

6,36 €Price
Colour / Weight:
  • Metal Twitch

    • size: 40 mm,
    • weight: 4 g,
    • Single Vanfook SP-41MB #4
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