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Koketka is based on a classic spoon design, which makes it the most versatile pike lure available on the market. It is easy to cast and animate at even the lowest reel-in speeds. Apart from pike this lure is effective for species such as perch, asp, chub and ide.

The 1,2g Koketka allows you to target non-predatory species such as roach, sabrefish, bream and white bream. It is also used as a highly effective trout lure: the unique wiggling and a wide range of colours will allow you to provoke even the laziest trout for an attack.

SV Lures Koketka

5,93 €Price
Colour / Weight:
  • Koketka

    • size: 30 mm,
    • weight: 3.8 g
    • Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6
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