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The unique shape of body combined with unusual location of Center of gravity, resulting of improved balance system Mag Force II create Greedy Guts, the lure with expressional game at any speed of retrieving. Jerking, twitching, ripping, pumping, etc. – with Greedy Guts you become a magician, dictating any your fantasy to lure and to fish.

MFB (Magnetic Force Balance) System II. One/two moving balls (Floating/Suspend versions accordingly) and magnet create a unique system of balance, providing the most correct moving of the Center of gravity of lure even inside slim body's shape. The most important effects of using MFB System II are super-long castability and easy manipulation with lure in any conditions.

Pontoon21 Greedy Guts

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10,80 €Price
Model / Colour:
  • All models are equipped with Owner hook

    Balancing system Magnetic Forced Balance


    GreedyGuts 44F SR

    • length: 44 mm,
    • weight: 2,1 g,
    • floating (F),
    • depth: 0,3-0,6 m


    GreedyGuts 44F MDR

    • length: 44 mm,
    • weight: 2,3 g,
    • floating (F),
    • depth: 0,8-1,0 m


    GreedyGuts 44SP SR

    • length: 44 mm,
    • weight: 2,3 g,
    • suspending (SP),
    • depth: 0,3-0,6 m


    GreedyGuts 55SP SR

    • length: 55 mm,
    • weight: 4,0 g,
    • suspending (SP),
    • depth: 0,7-1,0 m
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