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It’s the most numerous Pontoon 21 series of minnows each size of which includes three modifications according to their depth: shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR) and deep runner (DR), it can also be made in two variants: floating and suspending. Minnows have a prolonged, beam-like body within which there’s a perfectly fit balance system – Magnetic Force Balance (MFB). It is thanks to this system that these minnows have excellent ballistic qualities (you can cast it for several dozens of meters without any difficulties), have a correct position in water after casting and during the retrieve. Crackjack minnowscan be successfully used in ponds with streams and without them. Different types of presentations are relevant for all the models depending on fishing conditions: twitching, stop-and-go, straight and different variations of all the types.

Since 2009 Pontoon 21 started producing Crackjack 38. The minnow comes in two versions 0 floating and suspending. Besides that, it has three modifications according to its depth as well as its “elder brothers” - SR, MR and DR.

All these little guys able to crack down on everything in any underwater kingdom remains within the range of 2,5 grams depending on buoyancy and depth. But don’t be confused. Patented magnetic system MFB (Magnetic Force Balance), hidden in their bodies, enables to achieve a long-range cast for minnows of this type and size. And the legendary Owner hooks leave fish no chances to escape.

Pontoon21 Crack Jack

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Model / Colour:
  • All models are equippet with Owner hooks.

    Balancing system Magnetic Forced Balance.


    Crackjack 38F MR

    • length: 38 mm,
    • weight: 2,4 g,
    • floating (F),
    • depth: 0,5-0,8 m


    Crackjack 38F DR

    • length: 38 mm,
    • weight: 2,5 g,
    • floating (F),
    • depth: 0,8-1,2 m


    Crackjack 38SP DR

    • length: 38 mm,
    • weight: 2,6 g,
    • suspender (SP),
    • depth: 1,0-1,4 m


    Crackjack 48SP DR

    • length: 48 mm,
    • weight: 3,7 g,
    • suspender (SP),
    • depth: 1,8-2,0 m
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