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The thickness and body design is mainly for middle layer capture, it also contributes to a stable flight even in strong winds. While retrieving, it exerts a strong movement centering on wobbling which induces curious trout.
It is a high-performance spoon with many dimensions to its movement, no matter what the retrieve style is - fixed-winding, with stops, lifts and falls. It is a spoon used for fish whose activity has slightly dropped from the high activity state after release, but it also plays an active role as a search bait when analyzing the fishing ground and fish.

Nories Masukurouto Sofia

6,80 €Price
Weight / Colour:
  • 1.6g

    ・ Model for the surface, middle layer range
    ・ Wobling action that can produce strong movement depending on winding speed
    ・ Can cope with wide winding speed from slow to fast


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