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The sinking DUO ТОТО 42S perfectly recommended itself in a fast stream. And the stream doesn’t spoil its action at all. ТОТО 42 Sinking also caught fancy of predator in ditch water ponds. The main thing is to master tricky but effective stop-and-go retrieval. After a series of jigs the minnow attractively sinks, wobbling a bit. And this is when bites are highly probable to occur.

The sinking version is generally intended for jigging when it resembles the lost hutchling with its hectic movements. Unlike it, floating and suspend versions, apart from twitching, have a perfect action at stop-and-go retrievals. In this case the action of the lure consists of rolling and wobbling. All together they emit special movements resembling the behavior of fish in water, the so-called, swimming.

The potential of such a small lure is not exhausted. Don’t be afraid to improvise with different types of retrievals, colorations and fish will “appreciate” it.

DUO Tetra Works Toto

SKU: 0016
16,80 €Price
Model / Colour:
  • Toto 42S

    • lenght: 42 mm,
    • weigth: 2,8 g,
    • sinking (S),
    • depth: 0,3-1,0 m,
    • hook: #12
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