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The minnow that will go down in history as the minnow that made Kyutoryu River Cherry Salmon, once said to be uncatchable even by minnow, catchable. With a sharp wobbling action, light retrieve feel that belies its lip size, and easy maneuverability and castability. Even more than 10 years since its release, it still boasts top class performance. The 35 and 50 was created for small streams.

Bassday Sugar Deep

SKU: 0013
13,65 €Price
Model / Colour:
  • Sugar Deep 35F

    • action: wide wobbling,
    • size: 35 mm,
    • weight: 2,1 g,
    • floating (F),
    • depth: 0,3-0,6 m,
    • hook: #12,
    • ring: #0


    Sugar Deep 50F

    • action: wide wobbling,
    • size: 50 mm,
    • weight: 3,5 g,
    • floating (F),
    • depth: 0,7-1,5 m,
    • hook: #10,
    • ring: #1
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